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Wonder Technologie brings you MyWonderChat

Wonder Technologie is proud to introduce you MyWonderChat. This app for Aveva Intouch OMI and Aveva Intouch HMI incorporates an instant messaging service into your SCADA. 

MyWonderChat is designed in partnership with Ukitechs.

This WhatsApp-style instant messaging service sends and receives public, private and group messages. The appearance of chatbot using this messaging interface makes it a real spring board for your digital transformation. 

Thanks to MyWonderChat, your business chats can be stored in AVEVA Historian, and you can retrieve your chats from this knowledge tank. You can also use #Hashtags to classify your discussions around specific topics.

Feel free to contact me for a game-changing demo incorporating process chatbots, an assistant chatbot and a messaging interface fully incorporated with Aveva System Platform.

Video by Antoine POINDRON

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